Chris Pace, also known as Cris Urzua in the hispanic market, is a marketing, blockchain and business strategy trainer and consultant.

Founder of masacademy.io – An online learning platform for entrepreneurs and high level professionals.

His mission is to help companies scale their sales through the power of tech and story-telling.

✓ Has reportedly sold over $15,000,000 in revenue.

✓ His students have reported over $100,000,000 USD in extra sales.

✓ Author of the book “Everybody Sells” / Amazon Best-Seller.

✓ Author of the book “Kill the Salesperson” / Amazon Best-Seller.

✓ Creator of the face to face sales training method SellingThroughService™, the online selling method INSPIRE mentorship™ and the Blockchain Entrepreneur™ method where business owners learn how to use blockchain tech for impact and profit.

✓ Cover of Entrepreneur México magazine, December 2019.

✓ «The man who changed sales forever» – Forbes, 2019.

✓ Featured in Yahoo Finance, Google News, America Economía, Huffington Post, Excelsior and more.

✓ Over 107 live conferences in 8 countries and 27 cities all over the world.

✓ Over 342 webinars for over 1,617,324 registered attendees.

✓ Host of the reality show «Venta Perfecta» (“The Perfect Sale”) that was featured in Méxican and American TV Channels for 3 full seasons.

✓ Black ONE, Black MOON and Black VENUS Hotmart Award Winner for outstanding online sales revenue.

✓ Owner of 4 successful companies: Café 4AM – Specialty Coffee, Roicaster – Podcasting Software, masalcubo – Marketing Agency for Online Educators and mas academy – Online Education for Entrepreneurs and High Level professionals.

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